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Sales: Chernivtsi,
Str. Yuzhno-Okruzhnaya 37

Address of construction: Chernivtsi region, Hlyboka district
v. Chagor, Str. Getmana Mazepa 10


  • Floor 3 on the first house
  • Floor 2 masonry on the second to third; at home
  • Beginning of the 1st floor masonry on the fourth building
  • Concrete flooring at the fifth building
  • Works on water supply at 6-7 houses

  • Laying 3 at the front of the house
  • Floor 2 on second to third homes;
  • Construction of water supply pipes at the house of 4,5,6,7;
  • Completion of the 1st floor on the fifth building

  • Laying for 1,2,3,4,5 houses;
  • Freeze on 6.7 houses

  • Overlapping over 1,2,3 houses
  • Backfill on House 4
  • First floor bungalow;

  • Masonry of partitions on the second floor / first house;
  • 1st floor masonry at 2.3 building;
  • Concrete pouring into a building of 4.5

  • 2nd 1st / 2nd installment
  • pouring concrete, stairs and ground floor onto the 2nd house

  • Finishing the masonry on the second building / ground floor;
  • Ending the foundation, filling the ground with house 3
  • 4.5 Buildings for mounting formwork
  • 6.7 pit excavation house

  • Concrete pouring (first floor / first floor deck)
  • Laying the inner walls to the second building
  • Ending the installation of the foundation on the 3rd building;
  • Mounting the formwork at 4th building;
  • Concrete pouring on the 5th building, and mounting the second level of formwork;

  • Floor 1 of the first / second house
  • Foundation of foundation and mounting of formwork

  • Formwork Formation at Building 3
  • First Floor / Second Floor Laying
  • Preparation of the foundation for 4-5 houses

Finishing the laying of the inner bearing floors of the first floor / first building.

Construction is in full swing!

  • First floor build
  • Filling of the second building (preparatory works for the laying of the first floor of the 2nd house);
  • Finishing the masonry of the 3rd building formwork
  • Earthworks (foundation pits) for 5,6,7 houses;
  • Delivery of construction materials

1st floor burial.

    • Masonry exterior walls.

    • The removal of the formwork, load-bearing walls of the Foundation.

    • Performance by pouring concrete on-roztvirku first home.
    • Finished mount casing for a second home.
    • Removing the shuttering of the first house.

    • The end of the second mounting shuttering of the first house.
    • Zalyttya concrete roztvirku.
    • Delivery of kerambloku and wood on the object.