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Sales: Chernivtsi,
Str. Yuzhno-Okruzhnaya 37

Address of construction: Chernivtsi region, Hlyboka district
v. Chagor, Str. Getmana Mazepa 10


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As of 22.06.2021

  • preparatory work for the overlap of the 4th floor in 7,8 houses;
  • brick laying 3 floors in the 9th house;
  • installation of internal gas supply networks in 1-6 houses;
  • insulation 100 mm "Anserglob" 4-6 houses;
  • preparatory work for the improvement of the territory.

Let the sky be clear, without clouds
Let the sun tickle to the brim!
Let the children grow up healthy
And let moms be happy!
Happy Children's Day
Cozy Quarter Residential Complex

As of 05/25/2021

  • Masonry 3 floors in 7-8 houses;
  • 2nd floor masonry in the 9th house;
  • Arrangement of stairs and tiles at the entrance in 5-6 houses;
  • Preparatory work for the installation of the sports ground.

As of 05/11/2021

  • The overlap of the 2nd floor in 7,8 houses was closed;
  • Bricklaying of the 2nd floor in the 9th house;
  • Laying gas pipes in 1-6 houses;

As of 22.04.2021

Put into operation the first stage of construction: 8-10 House

Completed work on 04/17/2021

  • Finished tiling in 1-4 houses;
  • Facade insulation works of the 4th house have been completed;
  • All boilers from 1-6 houses are installed;
  • 1st floor was built in 7,8,9 buildings.

As of 10.01.2021

  • Completion of insulation of the 4th house;
  • Work in the entrances of 1-6 houses;
  • Completed roof insulation and attics for 1-6 houses;
  • Installed all armored doors (Aplot premium class) in 1-6 houses.