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Address of construction:

Chernivtsi region, Hlyboka district

v. Chagor, Str. Getmana Mazepa 10


Construction is in full swing!

  • First floor build
  • Filling of the second building (preparatory works for the laying of the first floor of the 2nd house);
  • Finishing the masonry of the 3rd building formwork
  • Earthworks (foundation pits) for 5,6,7 houses;
  • Delivery of construction materials

1st floor burial.

    • Masonry exterior walls.

    • The removal of the formwork, load-bearing walls of the Foundation.

    • Performance by pouring concrete on-roztvirku first home.
    • Finished mount casing for a second home.
    • Removing the shuttering of the first house.

    • The end of the second mounting shuttering of the first house.
    • Zalyttya concrete roztvirku.
    • Delivery of kerambloku and wood on the object.

End mounting shuttering 1-2 building and completion of earthworks (excavation) 3-4 house.

End mounting pile field

Have time to buy a house in one of the best residential complexes in the city! child

"Zatishniy kvartal", offers discounts on apartments for young families who have small kids! =)

We will be glad to see you in our cozy residential complex, because, at the end of the year, you and your family will walk Remarkable trails in the residential complex!



1-bedroom apartments of 39 m2 + Parking Place

2-room apartment of 60 m2 + Parking Place.

3 bedroom apartments from 77,9 m2 + Parking Place.

Possible installments for the construction of 6 months. And for 12 months or 24 months.

We fix the price at UAH.


Soon expect construction progress with photos and reports.





Installment payments! images rassrochka

With fixing prices in UAH!

For example, buying an apartment, you are calculated immediately, but with deferred payments (thus pay during construction).
Such a scheme of work for more than 15 years of practice in Europe.

Therefore, the possibility of payment by installments in the residential complex "Zatishniy kvartal" certainly there!

"Zatishniy kvartal" drives and ensures the apartment: works on house

  • Metal doors (good, not tin!);
  • M/n windows (5-chamber);
  • Electric wiring in the apartment (copper-standard);
  • Boilers (Heating individual)
  • The plaster of the walls (except bathroom and toilets) !!!

The residential complex "Zatishniy kvartal", provided parking spaces!

On Good prices (available)

  • The spacious garage of 18 m2
  • Number of there for everyone!